5 Remote Patient Monitoring Devices to watch out for in 2020

The year 2020 has given many lessons to mankind and has made us realize the value of human life while we are only halfway through it.

With around 200 countries suffering from COVID-19 with absolutely no permanent cure to it, we get to realize the importance of good healthcare infrastructure.

Medical practices need to have advanced technologies and devices that can help doctors and healthcare workers in treating patients without putting their own lives at absolute risk.

The RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) is one such advanced technology that is the need of the hour. 

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

The Remote Patient Monitoring system facilitates a connection between doctors and their patients by allowing the former to monitor real-time health data with the help of mobile medical devices.

RPM technology includes monitoring devices that capture vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, and ECG (electrocardiogram). 

This system is so useful that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, for instance, had successfully reduced hospital readmissions of recovered patients by over 75% and at the same time maintaining a patient satisfaction rate of around 90%.

There are many Remote Patient Monitoring Softwares that are easily available and offer accurate and reliable results. 

However, how many of these devices are of utmost use currently is something to be aware of?

Considering the current situation in 2020, given below are the 5 Remote Patient Monitoring Devices to watch out for better healthcare. 

Microsampling Devices 

Microsampling devices can be called one of the revolutionary inventions of science and a leading member of the  RPM technology.

These devices are used for collecting, retrieving, and analyzing fluid samples in a matter of a few minutes.

With minimal training and no help from lab technicians, a patient can easily collect his blood samples, analyze the data, and then forward the information to his concerned doctor.

The device generates quantitative and reliable bio analytical data that are easy to read.  

  • These are easy to use and time-saving devices. 
  • One requires no high-tech lab equipment for using these.
  • These devices are economical and effortless. 
  • They completely reduce or eliminate the risk of hematocrit bias. 

Remote Heart Monitoring Devices 

A boon of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the remote heart monitoring devices have been registered as a very recent addition to the Remote Patient Monitoring System.

The remote heart monitoring is a process through which a doctor can monitor the heart activity of his patient with the help of an implanted heart device. This device monitors the cardiac functioning of a patient with the help of the patient’s heart sound and ECG.

Hence, it allows doctors to keep a check on their patients without being physically present with them. Patients who have cardiac health issues are usually at extreme risks because by the time they get to realize a wrong functioning, it gets too late even if they are immediately rushed to the hospitals. The advantages of remote heart monitoring devices are mentioned below.

  • It reduces the chances of hospitalization because of atrial arrhythmia.
  • It makes a high reduction in the time taken for identifying a clinical event.
  • It increases the survival chances of patients who have implanted heart devices. 

In addition to this, there are also advanced patient communication tools, which when coupled with monitoring devices, helps the doctor as well as patients to receive all health related data and suggestions as planned. HealthArc offers RPM solutions that come integrated with such advanced tools. 

AI-Powered Wearables 

The AI-powered wearables are one of the best Remote Patient Monitoring Softwares that allow a patient to read many of his health conditions easily without the need of visiting the clinic frequently.

Wristbands are a very common wearable under this genre that allows a patient to monitor vital health signs like calories, pulse rate, body temperature and movement, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, etc.

These vital sets of information are essential to be monitored in 2020 considering some of these indicate the early signs of COVID-19.

The wearables with advanced Artificial Intelligence can also help in monitoring oncology, cardiac functioning, total joint replacement, diabetes, and COPD.

Leading names in the healthcare realm like HealthArc and renowned doctors completely promote the use of these wearables for a better living. The major advantages of these devices are listed below.

  • It is easy to operate and read. 
  • It has availability in the market at affordable rates.
  • These devices are extremely helpful in reading vital signs at an early stage. 

Affordable Surgical Robots

Surgical robots are the most superior addition to the list of Remote Patient Monitoring Devices.

One of the most celebrated inventions of science, these robots have totally given a new face to the healthcare infrastructure of our times.

In existence since the past decade, affordable surgical robots are completely automated with a strong and steady structure that can help doctors in non-surgical work in operation theatres like holding trays, small equipment, cameras, and lights, etc.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely important that doctors are given very limited exposure to the affected patients for their own safety and these robots can be extremely helpful in doing so.

The advantages of these robots include the following facts.

  • It extends a helping hand to surgeons.
  • It can reduce the burden of nurses.
  • It is helpful in facilitating patients in absence of doctors. 

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices

The CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) devices are a blessing for diabetic patients as well as doctors. This Remote Patient Monitoring Device provides instant readings of glucose lows and highs throughout the day at defined regular intervals.

The CGM sensors also read the changes in glucose levels after exercise, common illness, and meals which enables a patient to keep a check on his sugar levels and refrains him from taking any major medications. This exceptional device is extremely useful because of its advantages that are given below. 

  • It facilitates constant monitoring of glucose levels without going through blood tests. 
  • Its bioanalytical data is easy to read and understand. 
  • It enables a diabetic patient to lead a healthy lifestyle by offering a regular check on his sugar levels. 

Along with the above mentioned devices, there are many others that offer different health care facilities to the patients as well as the doctors.

The entire Remote Patient Monitoring System is designed to improve the healthcare infrastructure for the betterment of mankind.

Artificial Intelligence and advanced modern technologies have enhanced the services and benefits of these devices which is the reason that the doctors, private clinic owners, and other healthcare officials highly promote its usage.

Companies like HealthArc high quality and easy-to-use FDA approved devices which apart from bringing efficiency in the RPM system and helping doctors to monitor patients’ health continuously, also saves cost to a great extent.