Health Benefits for Part-Time Employees- Essential or Not?

As we all know, every business depends on multiple types of employees. The companies have both part-time and full-time employees who help to propel their businesses.

For a streamline flow of businesses most of the employers provide health insurance to their employees. But the major question occurs: “Are part-time employees eligible for health insurance?”

Well, the answer is “yes”. But part-time employees should have to be suitable for the benefits.

Generally, employers don’t provide any health insurance benefits to every part time-time employee. But if they are providing any benefit to certain part-time employees. Then they have to offer the same benefits to all eligible part-time employees.

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines, healthcare benefits should be provided to both full-time and part-time employees.

It is mandatory for employers to follow the guidelines established by the Affordable Care Act when it comes to offering healthcare coverage.

Moreover, employers also have to create a written policy that states the health insurance eligibility requirements for part-time employees.

Employers are in charge of their policy. So they can address their employees about the policy’s rules on how long a part-time employee needs to work before receiving benefits of health insurance.

This will help the employers to make an easy decision to select whether the part-time employee falls in the eligibility category or not.

Offering Health Insurance is the Key to Part-Time Employee Job Satisfaction:

The best part about offering health benefits to your part-time employees is that you can attract well-qualified people in your company. This will help your company to grow and reach the next level.

Besides, when you offer healthcare benefits to your company’s employees, they are more likely to get faster treatment when they get ill. This means they will take fewer leaves which leads to better job performance.

Ideally, when an employer offers excellent benefits packages to the employees, whether they are part-time or full time, it will make them think twice before leaving the organization.

This results in putting a stop to their new job searches as it is difficult for a part-time worker to find a company which offers the same health benefits.

In addition to when employees are looking for a job, they are more inclined to the benefits employers are providing them. Even a survey said that 60% of employees would take a job that has low pay but better benefits.

Approximately 50% of employees say that the most important benefit in terms of their job satisfaction is health insurance provided by their employer.

The Bottom Line

Every employer does not provide healthcare benefits for part-time employees; still, many of them choose to offer as a benefits package. It will boost the employee’s morale, and they feel valued in the company.

Therefore if you offer health insurance to your workers whether they are part-time or full-time employees, it will automatically be beneficial for your business. It leads to more productive and healthier employees.