How different blockers react on transgender bodies?

Transgender are the ones who are assigned as a male during the birth but have the famine or female gender identity. Moreover, they are not the only one who thinks to under several surgical and medical gender transition most of the desired people also do so. The first step in the procedure to begin with is the cross-sex hormone therapy which involves dealing with testosterone. 

It is the primary male hormone that plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining the male characteristics as well as features like muscle mass, body hair growth, erectile function as well as sexual desire. Even after going through the procedure, the hormone is produced in the body. To handle such situation, there are a number of testosterone blockers which are also recommended by doctors.

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Work of blockers in transgender women 

It is the fact that such blockers shows an effective changes in terms of masculinizing than any other medical procedure. It must help in reducing the natural growth of testosterone. This could be done with use of blockers or surgery. Most of the women use puberty blockers for some early transition to suppress their testosterone during the cross-sex hormone therapy. If you are undergoing this treatment then you must know that it includes different stages and at every stage you are going to experience some changes. 

It can be started before estradiol or you can also start at the same time. The oral medication can help in blocking the testosterone and also result in reducing the blood steam levels. Due to some changes in your body, you may experience breast tenderness. The most common effect that you can notice is drop in the blood pressure. Sometimes you may also notice increased urination as well as high potassium level. So, if you are using such blockers then be ready to face these conditions and there is nothing to worry about.