Managing Outings When Your Child Has a Disability

Getting out and about with your child can be a challenge, especially when you’ve created a safe environment at home, and you don’t want to bring them out into the unknown. Although it takes a lot of planning and patience, it is well worth it once you get out there. Getting out of the house is something you must do with your family; it teaches your kids about the world and helps you to plan more easily. 

Avoid the Unknown

Once of the most difficult things to do when taking a child out with a disability is finding a place where they feel comfortable. At this point, you must look for areas where your child will feel safe. This could be a friend’s home who they are familiar with or a local playground which isn’t far from where you live. 

If your child uses a wheelchair, it makes sense to do some research on places that are wheelchair friendly. If you are struggling to think of places or you feel like you need some extra help, why not contact Phase Perth Healthcare & Support Services. A registered NDIS disability service provider will be able to provide help and guidance if you’ve any questions or if you’d like to know more about disability support in the community. 

You’ll find that most public places are usually accessible, such as zoos and aquariums. They also tend to be easier to get around in comparison to other places. If they have issues communicating, you can look for places which have been awarded special symbols for communication. 

Easing Anxiety

Even if your child doesn’t suffer from anxiety, it is a good idea to prepare them for their outing. The best way of doing this is to answer any question they have about going outdoors. Sit down next to them and explain to them where you will be going and what you will be doing on your day out. You could even draw them a colourful map or show them pictures of the place you are going to visit. All of these things will help them get ready for the trip ahead, once they know more about the day you have planned, they’ll feel more at ease. You should also focus on how they should behave when they leave the house. 

Give Yourself Lots of Time

The last thing you should do is rush around with your child when you take them out from the house. Things such as getting ready for school can take a little longer if your child has a disability, the same usually applies to going out of your home on a day trip. Give yourself time and don’t feel rushed. 

In addition to all of the tips mentioned above, you should also bring some games or backup toys for your kids. If they are feeling a little overwhelmed, you can give them their toys to take their mind off things. Always keep an open mind as even the best laid plans can sometimes fall apart, and you must adapt to the situation.