Physiotherapy Treatments For Neck Pain

The neck is one of those muscles which is seldom thought of yet is so vital to our daily functions. It is easy to forget its importance given how few activities directly rely on it to carry out the primary function yet the neck is an essential supporter in all activities. 

If you are suffering from neck pain, then you may find even the simplest of activities to be difficult to perform. For example, even working a laptop can be tougher as the constant pain from your neck distracts you. Furthermore, neck conditions can also lead to prolonged headaches which further cripple your body. 

Why Seek Physiotherapy For Neck Pain

For sufferers of neck pain, physiotherapy should be sought to help:

  • Diagnose the issue and cause of the neck pain
  • Limit and alleviate both pain and swelling
  • Restore functionality of the neck
  • Instill good practices to guard against a relapse of the condition

Not all physiotherapy treatments for neck pain are the same. Depending on the type of neck pain you have, different treatments can be applied.

Types of Passive Physical Therapy Treatments

Passive physical therapy treatments are characterized by the lack of need for you to move. Instead, they are effortless on your part, and seek to relieve pain and swelling from your neck. Four types of passive physical therapies are commonly used.

Firstly, hot and cold treatment or otherwise known as ice and heat therapy is a fairly common practice. Just like how you would apply ice to a sprain ankle to prevent swelling, heat or cold can have positive effects on your injured limb. 

Specifically, ice or cold packs help to reduce pain and swelling when applied, making them the first priority. After which, heat packs can be used to help improve blood flow and loosen stiff muscles. When applied, cold helps to alleviate your pain while heat helps to restore functionality to your neck. 

Secondly, sports massage techniques can be applied to help loosen and relax your neck muscles. To remove the pain and stiffness in your neck, it is common practice to massage the surrounding areas such as the back of your head, shoulders and back.

Thirdly, electrotherapy can be applied to your neck. By using a  device to send a mild electrical current via wires to the exact spot on your neck where you feel pain, pain sensations felt by your nerves can be relieved. Electrotherapy is effective for:

  • Altering pain signals
  • Stimulating muscle contractions
  • Promoting tissue healing
  • Sending pain relief

Given its wide applicability, electrotherapy can be a useful in a wide range of different neck pain conditions.

Lastly, ultrasound can help to relax muscles and reduce pain. In this treatment, a cold gel is applied to the painful area. Subsequently, a device is gently rubbed against the skin while it simultaneously sends high energy shockwaves past your skin and into the tissues. 

Seek Help for your Neck Pain

Interested to find out more about the different physiotherapy treatments for neck pain? Then visit a physiotherapy Singapore specialist today to get a diagnosis and precise treatment.