Six Popular Cosmetic Surgeons in the World

Whether it is cosmetic surgery, reconstruction or beauty, plastic surgery can help patients by improving their physical function, appearance, and morale. With that in mind, here are the top six cosmetic surgeons in the world today.


Adam Kalecinski graduated from university in 1993 and worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London. Most of his profession is in the field of cosmetic surgery, which makes him a very qualified and experienced surgeon. Adam Kalencinski and his clinic in Poland have operated on many different individuals, including celebrities. Check out his clinic to find out more.


Dr. Olivier Henry de Frahan is a surgeon who practices medicine in France and the United Kingdom. He has specialized in cosmetic surgery, in particular botox, fillers and fatty structures. He is also known for the natural results of his procedures, primarily cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and face.


Dr. Raj Kanodia is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon who is known for combining advanced Ayurvedic principles and advanced medical skills. He is behind Ayurmedic, the best skin care brand that combines herbs and anti-aging compounds. DR. RAJ is known for his extensive consultation before performing surgery.

DR. WOFFLES WU, Singapore

Dr. Woffles Wu Tze Liang retruned to Singapore at the age of 12 where he graduated after growing up in London. He worked in pediatrics at Toa Payoh Hospital in the 1980s. He invented a facial repair procedure known as the WofflesLift, which is conducted under local anesthesia without removing the skin.


Dr. Michel completed his internship at Clinique La Prairie in Montreux-Clarens. In 2004, Pflug was the president of the Swiss Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and was also the founder of Pflug La Clinic, Switzerland. Also, he was previously the director of plastic surgery at the Clinique Valmont in Montreux.


After working as an intern at the Oxnard Foundation Hospital in New Orleans, he completed his orthopedic residency at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. Before completing the RK Microsurgery Scholarship, he also studied aesthetics and craniofacial surgery in Mexico under the direction of Fernando Ortiz Monastario. Coleman is known to have invented a fat grafting technique called lipostructure, which aims to restore the radiance of young skin. It can also correct certain deformities, such as those caused by acne scars and other medical procedures.