The 10 Key Principles Of Life Coaching

Life coaching guides clients towards getting un-stuck, and effectively and joyfully moving in the direction of their dreams. It should be noted that coaching is not advice-giving.  It is personal empowerment where you are solely responsible for your growth.

Coaches believe that you have all of the resources and wisdom required for your best life. The key is in artfully accessing your own greatness so that you can push through hurdles and boundaries keeping your life at bay. These trained professionals assist their clients in using their own inner wisdom and imagination to create joyful, meaningful, healthier and richer lives.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Initially, you will be assisted in re-calibrating your body compass. This is the part of you that intuitively knows your best directions for meaning, wellness and success. In your coaching sessions you will experience and learn tools from several disciplines, including:

  • Thought Inquiry
  • Creative Inquiry 
  • Mind/Body Awareness

During this process you will be guided by the following 10 key principles:

  1. Our perceptions create our reality.  
  2. We have the power to change our reality by changing our thoughts.
  3. We cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.
  4. Our bodies and emotions are incredibly useful and accurate guidance systems, when used skillfully and respectfully.  
  5. We need to actively listen, and quiet the mind.
  6. The heart is here to guide, the mind is here to serve.
  7. We can learn and grow from our mistakes, no matter how big.
  8. Moving out of our comfort zone, we either win or learn, sometimes both.
  9. Our greatest power is rooted in our truth and authenticity.
  10. The past is over.  Empowerment is here, now, in the present.

Why Life Coaching Is Necessary

Tension is the default response to stress and adversity. Over time, patterns of tension result in tightening and constriction, both in the body (chronic injury and illness) and mind (thought and perception).

Releasing these chronic patterns requires artful attention and awareness. This release will be enhanced and sustained, through the skillful use and practice of body compass, thought inquiry, and creative inquiry tools.

According to The Coaching Institute, life coaches help clients clearly see and create their life stories from a perspective of love and appreciation. Coaches believe love and appreciation is our natural inheritance. However, we must be able to see clearly the gift of our lives our experiences.

To recognize and attract all the forms of love we desire, we must first love ourselves. Love for yourself is not selfish, quite the contrary.  You and I simply cannot share what we do not express or possess.

People sometimes get in the way of their own happiness. When we cannot see or feel the source of love in our life or work, our creative spark fizzles out; life feels hard. Numbed to love, it is tempting to judge ourselves or others for our hardships. It feels hard to view life from any perspective where we are blinded to love and all of its possibilities. The great news is, we can also get out of our own way!

Coaches help clients dissolve mental tension and self-defeating perceptions through thought inquiry. I help clients find their mental “blind spots”… the thinking that habitually drives them into the same undesirable relationships, behaviors, or situations. We all have blind spots– all of us. Recognizing and addressing a blind spot is a wonderful opportunity! When a blind spot is cleared, energy is released to be used towards the joyful creation of one’s dreams.

When you can clearly see your way to take your next courageous step, the road will rise to meet you.