The proven link between dogs and happiness

You’ve probably have often heard howof dogs visiting patients people in hospitals because it boosts their morale, but what is the actual science behind dogs and happiness? 

Firstly, dogs give us unconditional love no matter what. Through the good times and the bad times, our furry friends are always there for us. The Jjournal of Ppersonality and Ssocial Ppsychology features a found in a study showing that people who own with pets have greater self-esteem, are less lonely  and more outgoing (2011). Because our dogs are always consistently around  there for us, there is always a positive association with their presence.

Secondly, because dogs are so super active animals, it also encourages us humans to be active, which in turn releases endorphins – the chemical that makes us feel happy! In a recent dog and parent study, 72 per cent % said that their dog influenceds their exercise habits.

Interactions with dogs also produce oxytocin as well, otherwise known as the cuddle chemical. As humans, wWhen this hormone is produced, it makes us feel trusting and relaxed whilest reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. Who knew!

According to the home doctor experts at House Call Doctor, dogs are one of the best medicines for beating to feelings of feeling sadness. A walk with your dog is sometimes all it takes to make you feel that tiny bit better. 

This proven link between dogs and happiness is why dogs are brought to hospitals, army stations and retirement homes – everyone loves to feel the cuddle chemical!

So, if you’re  are feeling down, cuddle your furry friend and feel all the happy hormones released in your body! It will put a smile on your face, as and make your pooch feel better as wellwell your dogs!