The Rise In Global Male Suicide Rates

Based on latest statistics, more men chose to end their lives prematurely. Although women are inherently more emotional and it’s likely for them to have suicidal thoughts, men are more likely to make the actual decision to commit suicide. Department of Health and Social Care reported that more than 47,000 men committed suicide in 2017. (1)

Global Situation Becoming More Serious 

Statistics further show us more facts. Men were 3.5 times more likely to die by suicide in 2015. Middle-aged white men have the highest suicide rate and they accounted for nearly 70% of all male suicides in 2017. On average, women have more suicide attempts, but men seem to choose the most lethal means for committing suicide. The global situation is becoming more serious, because half of violent deaths among men worldwide were caused by suicide. (2)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were about 793,000 deaths due to suicide in 2016 and most were men. In the United Kingdom, 15.5% of 100,000 deaths among men were caused by suicide and for men under the age of 45, it remained the single biggest killer. In Australia, men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide compared to women and it’s 4 times more likely in Argentina and Russia. (3)

Lack Of Communication

Suicide is a very complex issue and it’s tangled by a multitude of causes. Lack of communication is one of risk factors. In many societies, men are expected to be strong and it’s a sign of weakness to admit that they are struggling. This causes men to become bottled up emotionally. 

Here are other risk factors for suicides among men:

  • Prolonged use of alcohol and drugs to cope with work pressure, bad relationships and intense emotions.
  • Stress or failure at work.
  • Living alone or social isolation.
  • Inability to establish or sustain relationships.
  • History of physical abuse.
  • Constant bullying.
  • Financial issues or unemployment.
  • Loss of a loved one.

With current rigid gender norms, it remains difficult for many men to ask for support and reach out. Men may describe their depression as regular bad mood or sadness.  Many men have undiagnosed depression and even in front of psychiatrists, they may be reluctant to open up.

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