Things to Know About Buying& Using Recreational Marijuana

Recreational Marijuana A Fan Favorite Among Seniors

Most states in the US have since legalized the use of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes. Recreational marijuana use involves smoking weed for enjoyment rather than for health-related gains. Unlike medical marijuana prescribed by a health provider, there’s no compulsion with recreational marijuana. You can decide when to use it or not.


Where can I buy recreational marijuana?


There are various recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in most states. You can buy online or visit a physical store for your weed supplies. However, cannabis stores are governed by stringent rules and should be licensed by the state government.


 It’s worth noting that not all recreational cannabis outlets are legit. Some are not licensed, and shopping from such dispensaries is dangerous. What’s more? You risk getting substandard products or arrest when shopping.


Is there an age limit to buying recreational weed? 


Not everyone can purchase recreational marijuana. You must be over 21 years and in possession of a valid ID card. Just like in liquor stores, you must show the ID to get your supplies. However, if acquiring medical marijuana, the age limit is 18 years, and you need a medical cannabis card.



Are there limits to how much I can buy?


Yes, there are limits. In a single transaction, you qualify for one ounce. But, visitors can only get ¼ ounce. Any adult above the age of 2 can buy up to a maximum of 1 ounce, about 28 grams, or 60 joints. Having more can land you in a lot of trouble. If not sure of the right amounts, the store attendants will guide you and dispense the proper dosage.


What is the accepted mode of payment?


Most Pot Shops accept cash payments; this is because marijuana consumption is illegal as per federal laws. And this makes most banks not to receive such payments. However, you’ll find ATMs at the store, and you can always withdraw what you need to pay for your recreational weed products. When looking for the best cannabis store, research online to determine other acceptable payment modes by the cannabis store.


Where should I smoke marijuana? 


There are various restrictions concerning the smoking of recreational cannabis in public. The best place to smoke marijuana is in private, but with permission from the property owner. However, hotels, resorts, and other public spaces have their policies. 


The bottom line is marijuana smoking isn’t allowed anywhere where alcohol smoking is prohibited. To avoid trouble, research the regulations in your state. Cannabis laws keep on changing, and you need to say updated.


Can I drive under the cannabis influence?


There’s a limit for drivers, just as with alcohol. With a reading of 5 nanograms of active THC in your system, you’re considered to be impaired and not authorized to drive. It’s also unlawful to smoke cannabis in a moving vehicle. But, you may carry it if stored in a sealed container.


The bottom line


With the many recreational marijuana dispensaries, it can be challenging to ascertain a legitimate one. Consider licensing, quality of products, staff expertise, and selection of cannabis products when choosing a recreational weed store.