Traditional Chinese Medicine And Joint Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Back Pain

We care deeply regarding your joint wellness and flexibility. This means we spend a great deal of time thinking about, looking into, and reviewing the most effective ways to achieve and preserve pliable, mobile, and healthy and balanced joints.

Each of these write-ups discuss a different aspect and strategy to healthy and balanced joints, supporting muscular tissues, and well balanced life. These articles and the rest of the info on our web site are all part of our commitment to supplying you with a balanced and well-rounded details base on joint health, movement, and living a well balanced life.

And this is why we released this write-up about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese medicine for joint pain. TCM is obtaining more popularity and we’ve been obtaining a great deal of concerns regarding TCM at trade conferences, meetings, and various other customer occasions.

Differentiation from western medicine

In TCM we see swelling and diagnose it in a somewhat different method than in Western Medicine. TCM call this a pattern or disorder. For instance, we categorise joint inflammation as a Bi pattern, converted this would be a painful obstruction syndrome (POS). This allows us know that there is pain, but it does not identify the reason.

For instance, where joint inflammation is worried, I hear people stating the winter triggers discomfort or swelling, others find moisture and warm makes them feel even worse. So, both have POS, yet the patterns are different. The Cold pattern requires warming, pushing the stagnation of QI or blood. The Warmth pattern would require a treatment to eliminate excess warmth and shift the stasis (clogs) locked in the joints inducing pain. The TCM professional would then picked and recommend acupuncture points, natural herbs or anti-inflammatory foods according to the pattern, this would be unique to the individual.

To put it simply, to properly treat an inflammatory pattern we take a step further, not just aid with the sign but the reason.


Joint inflammation can in some cases appear like a sentence, not a diagnosis. The discomfort, stiffness and swelling of your joints and various other, associated connective cells never ever quite goes away. Dealing with joint inflammation is more about managing your symptoms efficiently and finding methods of boosting your quality of life.

That’s where reflexology can be very valuable. This particular treatment can supply the following advantages to those managing Arthritis:.

Discomfort relief

The existing research into the performance of reflexology in treating joint inflammation has focused on its capability to reduce pain or the demand for pain drugs. Routine treatments have been shown to reduce discomfort and (sometimes) aid to alleviate the depression long term victims can undergo.


Individuals handling gout pain, pseudogout and specific other types of arthritis are commonly urged to change their diets so as to improve their symptoms. Regular reflexology sessions can aid to accelerate the procedure of getting rid of toxic substances from the body and will have a favorable impact on your metabolic rate.