Vaping as a trend – get to know more about it

Vaping is now expanding more and more in the trend among the youth. Vaping is actually not that bad as it comes on the safer side as compared to smoking a tobacco and toxic cigarettes. These vaping devices allow only vapors to go through your lungs making it safe for you. Vape juice plays a major role in all the e-cigarettes as this liquid is heated and transformed into the smoke which you vape out. To know more about best options, click here.

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Variety of flavors

These liquids come in many flavors in the market. You can go as per your taste and chose among the wide variety of different flavors and combinations. You can go for the custom made flavors for yourself offered by many vape juice companies. These flavors include the tastes like sweet, sour, vanilla, mint, strawberry, etc.

Types of vape juices

Nicotine salt vape juice – in this the nicotine salt is used instead of nicotine. They are extracted from the leaves of tobacco plant. This contains the ratio of 50/50 vg/pg volume. The main idea of using the nicotine salt e-liquid is to deliver the nicotine in high amount without having harsh effects on your throat and body. These liquids are used in pod mods and do not produce that dense clouds. 

Nicotine free vape juice – these are the safest amongst all the vape juices available. They do not contain any trace of nicotine in it therefore it is non- addictive. If you are having any sought of allergy from nicotine then you can definitely go for this e-juice. It is also best for doing tricks and making dense smokes. 

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50 VG/50 PG vape juice – it is the combination of half VG oil and half PG oil in the volume. This produces decent amount of vapor as the volume is balanced. It is ideal for the atomizer ranging till 1.8 ohms. It is preferred by many people.