What is medical marijuana and what is it used for?

How Medical Marijuana Works, and Which Conditions It Treats

The legalization of medical marijuana is in process and almost all the states have approved the cultivation of this compound as a drug. However, there are still some states where it is prohibited to cultivate marijuana and approval of bill is still under discussion. It is not wrong to say that it is the same compound which is extracted from marijuana plant and is used as a drug, but FDA has approved some diseases for which medical marijuana can be used. There are numerous chemicals found in the extract of marijuana plant and these extracts are collectively called as cannabinoids. Major cannabinoids which are extracted from this plant are THC and CBD. These two compounds are quite different in their chemical composition and hence they produce different results on human body. 

Difference between THC and CBD: 

THC is usually referred to as the compound which causes the effect of being high. Whether you smoke marijuana or eat products which contain this chemical, you will start feeling high and your stress level will be reduced. It is a psychoactive compound and is allowed in minimum quantities to be sold at Massachusetts Dispensaries and Marijuana Stores. However, CBD is quite different in chemical composition and is now legally accepted. You will find numerous products which contain CBD at retail stores and medical outlets. CBD will never cause an effect of highness and this is why it is more commonly available as compared to THC. Products with 0.3% of THC are considered to be legal in the eyes of law. 

What are the uses if medical marijuana? 

There are multiple medical conditions for which medical marijuana is used and more researches have been made in this regard to check the effectiveness of this drug on certain ailments. Currently, following medical conditions are being treated with the help of this compound: 

  • Epilepsy
  • Eating disorders
  • Side effects of cancer treatments
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Glaucoma 
  • Nausea etc. 

Apart from the physical conditions, there are many psychological conditions which are treated well with the help of medical marijuana and these include stress, anxiety, and depression. A lot of psychologists and psychiatrists are offering their patients to consume this clinically approved drug to bring these symptoms down. There are different ways of consuming medical marijuana and these include but are not limited to Smoking, inhaling through vaporizer, eating, using it as a balm and placing some drops in your mouth to enjoy the effects. 

Medical marijuana mainly consists of CBD and it has been found that it is useful in many different situations. If your body aches a lot, you can consume marijuana products to reduce the pain and inflammation in different parts of your body. Another research has shown that combined effect of THC and CBD can kill the cancer cells thus reducing the growth of tumor and restricting its size. Weight gain is an issue for some people, and this can easily be managed after starting the consumption of medical marijuana.