What to eat to get Healthy hair

In addition to regular hair care in NYC, the maintaining of beautiful hair depends on a healthy diet. Pay attention to foods rich of vitamins, trace elements and proteins, which should be included in the diet, if you want to get a shiny hair.

Strawberries. Rich of vitamin C, necessary for shine and healthy hair, red fruits are usually friends for your hair. Strawberries with this property are a good concentrate of folic acid (vitamin B9), iron and magnesium, which contribute to the growth and power of hair. Juicy in taste and ideal for preserving the beauty of hair, a small fruit can always be eaten if desired.

Spinach. Its secret: It has content of beta-carotene. The precursor of vitamin A, which helps the body to ensure the production of sebum, a true protective film for the skin and the renewal of scalp cells. The content of iron in it also contributes to the oxygenation of cells and enhancing hair growth. Therefore, spinach is a valuable ally to your hair.

Salmon. Being an important source of protein and vitamins (A and B), salmon is characterized by omega-3 concentration. Essential fatty acids that play a crucial role in the life cycle of your hair. The mission: to slow down the natural aging of cells during the process of healing the scalp.

Almond. Benefactor of the heart and arteries, it lowers cholesterol. Friend of the stomach, it facilitates the process of digestion. Thirdly, almonds are great for hair. Rich of zinc, vitamin E and protein, it is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and provides a good source of energy. Finally, it contains selenium. Almond is an excellent protector for the scalp and useful for anti-dandruff protection. Do not miss the fruit, small, but large in its capabilities.

I wish you bon appetite and healthy hair!

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