Why is it significant to have Canada Seed Banks?

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With climate change on the increase, many crops are in danger. The worldwide population explosion has also led to enhanced consumption of food that exceeds production. Seed banking and conservation is a technology that can avert such unforeseen emergencies. Seed banks are a process to help the problem. They are significant seed system for food security. 

They safeguard and have plant genetic diversity, which is significant for a number of factors.

    1. It will help in improving resistance to newest and emerging plants diseases as well as insects.
    2. It gives drought and flood tolerance. 
    3.  Canada Seed banks improve nutrition and yields to enhance a growing global strength.



Benefits of Canada Seed Banks:

Seed banks give situations essential for the longevity of seeds. Seeds are saved under low temperatures that take seeds dormant till they are demanded for replanting.


  • Safeguard from climate change:


For a couple of decades now, the world has witnessed radical climate change that has been motivated by increased industrial pollution. Crop extinction is inevitable with such extreme alterations. If seeds are stored in seed banks, the danger of total elimination of certain species of crops is erased.

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  • Preservation of Crop Diversity:


This is the most significant reason for the storage of seeds. Just as animals and human beings are adapted to various situations for survival, so are crops. Different various the same species exist due to this adjustment nature.


  • Disease resistance:


Crop diseases are highly contagious. A serious breakout could completely erase crops. Where diseases have ravaged crops and left no traces that farms could initiate on, seed banks can obstruct and give them seeds that will enable them to start on a clean slate.

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  • Give seed material for surveying:


Seeds that are safeguard in seed banks can be made easily found to researchers and scientists who like to read these seeds especially if such research could lead to progress of crop production.

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