Why Work Can Add to Your Weight Gain

A lot of us are guilty of gaining weight due to work. Not only are we often in an unhealthy, inactive environment, but the problem is also exacerbated by factors such as stress. Stress plays a significant role in weight gain; It can make you eat less at first, but when the condition becomes chronic it can boost your hunger to extreme levels.

According to studies, workers usually gained weight at their current job because they can be either too tired to exercise and did not mind working out at all because their minds are tired as well.

Gaining weight from work stress has been well documented problem. But it is not only chronic stress as the main culprit is the reason. Unhealthy habits are also a reason weight gain is present while you are working.

Here are some of the reasons why a worker gains weight and prevention tips on how you will be able to cope with this issue.

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Working Too Much And Beyond Standard Working Hours

Climbing the corporate ladder is not new in an office set-up. How you do it IS a problem though. Workers who spend long hours and sitting all day are susceptible to weight gain. A consistent stress level at work can be one of the primary reasons for weight gain. High levels of stress increase the level of cortisol which then triggers fats and sugar cravings. The lack of free time also means that you would rather skip exercise and work all day.

A stress hormone can trigger overeating. If you work late nights to meet deadlines and keep up with the heavy workload, you are likely to get hit with weight gain. Your sleep schedule can also be a factor because those who sleep four-five hours vs those that sleep eight hours a day tend to eat extra meals and high-calorie food. Lack of sleep also has an impact on the balance of your hormones.

Prevention. You need to become involved with consistent physical activity and enough sleep to ensure that you prevent weight gain. There are also a lot of ways to combat stress like breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. Physical activity can also help a person fall asleep better so we should take advantage of this as much as possible. One must be able to learn how to control the food intake and must be aware that food is not the solution for any problem.

While some workers are more health conscious, longer workdays and constant multitasking hinders an employee from finding time with their wellness goals. Companies should be aware and make wellness a priority to support the strategy in implementing programs.

Long Hours Of Sitting, Light & Room Temperature Can All Affect Your Mood

A sedentary lifestyle is a well known problem among office workers. And it often gets worsk the higher you ‘rise to the top’ in an office culture. How bad is it?  Well sitting has been called ‘the new smoking’ because it slowly kills a person (like cigarettes do to smokers) with this lifestyle. While seating you also tend to binge unhealthy food while working. According to studies, the most significant meal related mistake that an employee does is eating lunch at the workplace. It is these people will gain weight when partaking in the dreaded “dinner at the desk”.

Research has also found that a dim room boosts the appetite compared to a well-lit location.  The lightness in your apartment affects your drive to eat more. The same applies to room temperature. In the cold months, people have the tendency or end up too much hungry because the body needs to burn more energy to keep the heat of the frame up.

Prevention. Sedentary lifestyles need to be stopped. Companies must invest in equipment that encourages people to be active while working. A standing desk (aka sit stand desk), like those offered by AnthroDesk  is a good alternative for the current static sitting desks of an employee. It allows you to stand while working; standing has been proven for years now to help prevent cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also help prevent back pains brought by many sitting.

For those some employees cannot let go of their current desk, a standing desk converter can be used. Similar to a sit stand desk, it has the same health benefits, as it allows you to stand while working. It is a great alternative to a full sized standing desk because you can just simply put one of these units on your working desk. And if you want to work in a different area of the office, you can bring it with you (this is especially true of the ‘laptop table’ style of standing desk converter). This is also great for remote workers as it allows you to work in your dining area, living room and even your bedroom.

For the light and room temperature, it is best to have a well-lighted room that allows you to work and prevent the mind from thinking to eat. Use your breaks and get some fresh air outside. It is good that you walk once in a while on a sunny day; it can do a lot of wonders in your mind and spirit. It can also help you warm coming from the freezing temperature at the office.

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Digital Device And After Office Events Adds Up In Your Weight Gain

Obesity and weight gain do not magically stop when you leave the office. In a fast-paced and modern technology world that we live in today, it is likely that employees will find themselves connected and tied up with their mobile phones and some digital device which makes them sedentary in their off hours. Some feel more relaxed when they are tied up for a long time in their mobile phones. Little did they know that their off hours are being eaten up with their addiction in their mobile phones.

In a workplace after-work events and drinks may be part of their routine or culture also. This may be a way of unwinding and relaxation after a long day at work. It is a venue where you have the opportunity to bond with your co-workers and colleagues. It is also a great venue where you can talk or converse to your boss on non-related work. This activity is not bad as long as you are aware of the alcohol intake and the food you eat. Alcohol, as we all know, often has a lot of calories, and this can contribute to your weight gain. Apart from alcohol, the food consumed together with the alcohol also has a big impact as it is often rich food, consumed in larger quantities than normal, and with excess calories and sugars.

Prevention. Set your off hours to an activity that will keep you moving like working out from a gym, a new hobby such as swimming, running that will not only help you stay active and healthy but will also help you from keeping your mind away from stress. Engaging yourself in a non-sedentary activity like a stroll in a park or mall is a good start. Use of mobile phones or other digital devices is not that bad, but you have to limit yourself from overuse and becoming sedentary as this is bad for your health.

After work events are also not bad at all as long as drinking of alcohol and food intake are taken in moderation, this kind of activity can help us alleviate stress as you can relax and communicate with your co-workers. Having a social life is important to maintain a work-life balance, but we have to remind of the unwanted calories in our diet especially if we are with people that can make us tend to eat. Keeping up with the things to stay healthy is the key to balance life.